13 Bäder - Boltigen

Alpine pleasure

In the morning light, it is worth letting your eyes wander from the Alpine hut into the distance over the Gastlosen, the Plaine-Morte glacier plateau and as far as the Valais Alps. After a leisurely breakfast, we leave the mountain pasture and head west on a pleasant climb across Alpine meadows. We walk around Mt. Bäderhore via the northern flank and continue past Alp Rieneschli to the Reidig Rift Valley. Although it is literally a rift valley, because at the top it is still a small, wild, romantic valley whereas towards the bottom it increasingly becomes a basin with cliffs rising to the left and right. In Chlus there is an inviting barbecue area with wood where you can grill sausages. From the Tauben Valley, a bubbling rivulet accompanies us to Boltigen.

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Most important stage details

  Lengths: 10km
  Duration of hike: 3.30h
  Climb: 176m
  Descent: 1018m

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