7 Wildhornhütte - Lauenen

Mountain romance

Having boosted our energy levels after a hearty breakfast, we hike through Alpine terrain to the Hängstesprung (rocky ledge). There we enjoy the impressive views extending over the Saanenland towards the Vaud and Fribourg Alps. We descend to the Tungel Pass via a well-secured escarpment. The high plateaus of the Stieretungel and Chüetungel Alps open up in front of us. Via steep zigzag mountain roads along the imposing Tungelschuss Waterfall, we then reach the well-known Lake Lauenen. The idyllic lake features in the famous rock ballad by Swiss-German rock band Span. After boosting our energy levels in Restaurant Lauenensee, we continue past wooden sculptures down to the Rohr Mire. Here you still see "Trischten" (hay staked in layers around a wooden pole) and then we arrive in the cosy village of Lauenen.

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Most important stage details

Geltenschuss Length: 11.8km
Lake Lauenen Duration of hike: 4h
High-moor bog Climb: 400m
Piles of reeds
Descent: 1460m

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