6 Iffigenalp - Wildhornhütte

Gentians, rhododendrons and edelweiss

When all the snow on the Alpine meadows has melted and the magnificent display of flowers is in full bloom, it is a sheer delight to follow the brightly lined hiking trail. On the ridge of Mt. Hoberg, we are delighted to discover a rare Alpine flower: the edelweiss. The protected flower thrives on Mt. Hoberg. Before hiking down to Lake Iffig, make sure you take in the view from Mt. Iffighore. The lake is a popular year-round fishing lake and in midsummer it is the perfect place for a refreshing swim. The lake is supplied with water from the snowfields above it for much of the year and stays cold. From this point on, the landscape gradually changes and develops high-Alpine characteristics. Grass makes way for stones and the vegetation become sparser.

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Most important stage details

Lake Iffig Length: 9km
  Duration of hike: 5h
  Climb: 1070m
  Descent: 340m